Wheel Saver Disc – Anti Theft device for Land Rover Vehicles

Our customers have recently been experiencing a spate of spare wheel thefts from Range Rover Sport and Discovery 3 & 4 models. It is apparent that thieves have been cutting the winch cable that secures the spare wheel to the vehicle and making off with the spare wheel, which is valuable just for the value by weight of aluminium.

In view of this we have now developed our Wheel Saver Disc which deters theft of the spare wheel by shielding the vulnerable winch cable and spring attachment. These are available for fitment on all Range Rover Sport and Discovery 3 & 4 Models with the spare wheel carried under the boot floor.

  • Spare wheel theft deterrent.
  • Fits inside the spare wheel when fitted on the car.
  • Prevents the winch cable being cut.
  • Discrete, cannot be seen until you are underneath the car.
  • Comes complete with spring attachment tube and fittings.
  • Replacement spare wheel, tyre and winch can cost up to £1,000
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