Air Conditioning Service from *£69.99 including VAT

Air Conditioning systems are used all year round and tend to lose their refrigerant over time, as it permeates through the physical joins between components.  If your A/C system continues to operate with low refrigerant levels, serious problems can occur including poor lubricant circulation and air or moisture entering the system.

North One Service will ensure your A/C is maintained to the highest standard by carrying out a full performance test, full leak test, recover refrigerant, evacuate air and moisture from the system, recharge the system to factory recommended levels adding fresh oil as necessary and a final visual inspection to ensure full operation.

* Please note that £69.99 is for R134 Gas suitable for most vehicles up to 2012 my and £119.99 for vehicles with systems containing R1234YF gas from 2012 my onwards.

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